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A Backwards Glance - hosted by Southern Bays Historical Society

Island Bay Marine Education Centre

12th Feb 10:30am - 4pm


Ever wondered who lived in the Southern Bay area before you did? Or what it looked like in the early days of settlement?

The Southern Bays Historical Society will present you with a glimpse into bygone eras. Their extensive collection of photos, maps, plans, artefacts and archives bring the history of Island Bay, Ōwhiro Bay and Houghton Bay to life. And what a fascinating history it is -  from hermits to racecourses and a World War One brothel!

The day’s highlight will be the ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with Society president, Colin Feslier, at 2:15pm. You’re invited to quiz him and find out what he does and doesn't know about our history. But we warn you, he’s a knowledgeable guy! Any 'Don't knows’ will be recorded for future research so do come and challenge him and stretch the limits of his knowledge!

It’s free to visit and all are warmly welcomed.

About the Island Bay Historical Society

The Southern Bays Historical Association is an active local history group covering the Ōwhiro, Island and Houghton bays. Their mission is to provide the community with a good understanding of the history and people of the Southern Bays.

The Southern Bays Historical Society Collection is open each Friday from 10am to 2pm at the Island Bay Community Centre with members of the society available to answer your questions and help.

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