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Red Mole Doco Screening + Q&A

Empire Cinema

Saturday, 17 February 2024


Red Mole Doco Screening + Q&A

Annie Goldson’s new feature documentary explores the origins, performances, personalities and fate of Red Mole, who burst onto the scene at the height of the counterculture in Aotearoa NZ in the early 1970s. 

An indefinable genre of poetry, dance, mask, fire-eating and rock music, Red Mole took young NZ by storm, then departed for NYC in the 1980s where they reached some acclaim until the demands of the city fragmented its core. Red Mole: A Romance is both a social history and a poignant personal story.

‘Unmissable – a blast and a joy’ – Graeme Tuckett, SST

‘Ribald and entertaining – and deeply emotional’ – Chris Bourke, NZIFF

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