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About the origin of the festival

The Island Bay Festival was started in the late 1980s by a small group of Island Bay residents who believed in bringing forth the hidden gems of talented, creative people living in Island Bay. They wanted to celebrate the great musicians, artists, poets, writers in Island Bay; and at the same time get the community together for some fun. What started as a small grass-roots weekend festival has grown over the years to a multi-day festival that’s also for wider Wellington. It’s a festival that we, as Island Bay-ers can be proud of!
The original vision and purpose of the Festival was to showcase the best of Island Bay. There would be something for everyone in the festival programme. Any Island Bay person or group, who had an idea for an event could put it on, assisted by the festival team. Island Bay has a diverse array of talented people - writers, musicians, poets, historians, ballroom dancers, yogis, entrepreneurs, foodies, chefs, gardeners, etc. The Festival is an opportunity for us as a community to showcase our talents and connect with each other! And share this with the wider world!

Come join us for some fun!

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The Island Bay Enhancement Trust

The Island Bay Enhancement Trust was set up in 1994 to "enhance the beauty of Island Bay and the wellbeing of the land and people ... to enhance the cultural, artistic and social life of Island Bay". The Trust is the legal entity for organising the annual Island Bay Festival, and also has the opportunity to do more community development events throughout the year.

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