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Ribble St Races

The Ribble Street Races will be taking a break in 2021.

Did you know that Island Bay has a history as a race track? These days we’ve swapped the ponies for trolleys and race them down Ribble Street – including ones made of Lego. Make a plan, get inventing, build yourself a cool racer then come and race the heck out of it.

Building an entry for the local downhill trolley race makes a great school holiday project: all your trolley needs to enter is brakes and steering that operate independently, a seat and some stability.

 Start by having a look for materials in your shed or under the house, or visit the Second Treasures shop at the Tip/landfill.


And if you fancy something a bit more cruisey - that you don’t have to sit in - and you’re a Lego fan, there’s a race for that too.

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