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Jo-Elle Gragilla

eCycle & Art Workshop Host

Jo-Elle Gragilla

Kiwi eCycle is an independently owned-and-operated business based in Island Bay. The company is the brainchild of JoElle Gragilla and was born out of a desire to do something that would improve people’s lives and contribute to a healthier, greener, happier future.

JoElle Gragilla has lived in Island Bay for over 15 years and it is now her forever home.  Pete Tulloch is Wellington born and has a strong passion for all things bike and biking. Recently, Pete has been fixing up retro and old school bikes to further feed the bike passion and extend the current offerings of Kiwi eCycle.

Island Bay is the perfect community to live in with its artistic flare and stunning outdoor recreational setting.

We love bikes in all shapes and sizes and we’d love to help you get on your next bike.

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