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Kevin Jenkins

Co-Founder of The Cheese Wheel

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin and his wife, Sylvia Moe, moved to Island Bay in 1994. Their three children attended Aubert Childcare Centre, Island Bay School, and SWIS. Both Kevin and Sylvia are active in a range of community roles. They patronise local businesses and clubs and take advantage of the many local walking tracks and green areas.

Kevin co-founded professional services firm MartinJenkins in 1993 and is involved in other businesses and organisations. In 2019, Kevin co-founded The Cheese Wheel with Nancy Guerin and Mark Dykes. The business is growing rapidly and recently hired more staff. That hasn’t removed the onus on Kevin to constantly taste new cheeses, ensuring only the best and most innovative cheeses are delivered to subscribers. 

It’s a heavy burden, but someone has to do it…

Kevin will be MC at The Cheese Affair event. For info on this event, please click here.

For more on The Cheese Wheel and their artisan cheese delivery service - see

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