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Melanie Heaphy

Kiddiccino Playground

Melanie Heaphy

Mel’s passion is creating community and space where people feel like they belong. As the Children and Families Worker at the Island Bay Presbyterian Church, she has run Kiddiccino Playgroup since 2009, and one of the things she loves best is seeing families find their place and their people in the Bay. 

Born and bred in Island Bay, Mel’s memories of the Island Bay Festival go back to taking part in the parade many times as a child with Girls’ Brigade and always watching the Blessing of the Boats. In 2011, she helped Fairy Trina with the Island Bay Festival coordination role, and since then has been involved with organising the Variety Show, coordinating the Community Stalls in the park, but mainly for the last 10 years, corralling the Island Bay Festival Parade - an event that she adores, because what’s not to love about 100s of children, crazy costumes, awesome music and the best little community vibe in Wellington?!

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