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Nicole Miller

A Look Under the Waves

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller is Chair of the Friends of Taputeranga Marine Reserve Trust and Wellington Underwater Club President. She spends most of her free time in the water on the South Coast or along the Miramar Peninsula documenting the marine environment.

Nicole works with volunteers to monitor seaweed, kina and other habitats to collect data for marine restoration and biodiversity protection. Public engagement and education are key in Nicole’s work. She created an immersive virtual tour of Taputeranga Marine Reserve to enable everyone to experience the marine reserve without getting wet. The tour is available online and on VR headset at events in Wellington.

Find out more about Taputeranga Marine Reserve and the Friends of Taputeranga Marine Reserve Charitable Trust on The Trust keeps up the Island Bay Snorkel Trail, creates educational material on marine life and the marine reserve rules and supports school and public outreach programmes. The Trust also promotes marine science and management best-practice and advocates for the reserve through direct work with the Department of Conservation, submissions and participation in reference groups.

Check out the link on Nicole’s website to get close up and personal with Wellington’s marine life and discover the remains of local shipwrecks ( and what lies under the wave in Wellington Harbour ( Start exploring and share your underwater passion with friends and family!

If you are a qualified scuba diver or keen snorkeler get in touch with the Wellington Underwater Club (,

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