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Suzanne Main

Junior Fiction Author

Suzanne Main

Author of the zany junior fiction novels, How Not to Stop a Kidnap Plot and How I Alienated my Grandma. Both were shortlisted for the NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults and are Storylines Notable Books. In 2021, both novels were optioned for television. 

Suzanne's latest novel for kids, The Hatchling is due out later this year. 

As novel writing is poorly paid, Suzanne is forced to work as an accountant in her spare time!

Suzanne and partner, Andy, have lived in the Bay since 2001, raising their two children here. They love Island Bay and have no intention of ever moving away. 

Suzanne will be a panelist at our children's literature event, 'Darts, Farts and Missing Parts'. Please click the link for more information on this event. 

Suzanne has also been extremely busy behind the scenes updating this website! The Island Bay Enhancement Trust and the Island Bay Festival have been lucky to capitalise on her time and talents this year!

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